The Purpose

Welcome to Nourish My Nature!


To explain the purpose of your soul, you must dig deeper than the surface. To explain the purpose of Nourish My Nature, the same applies. 


Nourish My Nature wants you to Nourish Your Nature. Actually, it is simple as that. But I also do understand that coming to the place of tapping into yourself, takes practice and time.


Although I am a huge supporter of talking, experience and reading to discover yourself, the thing I am more supportive about is to tap into YOU! Because in you there lies your power, and no reading, no coaches, no nothing, can ever tap into that. 


What I wanted to provide was something which makes it easier to get to this place. And me, believing in the power of gemstones and affirmations, desired to put this together and spread it into the world. 


Both of these things aren’t new. And also, just a gemstone and just an affirmation won’t change your life. It takes time, practice and willpower to see the efforts of you feeling more aligned with yourself. 


Like a coach, Nourish My Nature can help you, not fix you. This is not a grantee that your life will change after buying one. 


I truly believe that if you come to the place of knowing who you are, you will understand you never needed anything. But before you reach that point, open yourself for some help if that’s what you need right now, because that's allright and we all need some help from time to time. 


My goal is for you to win, to gain your power back, to love yourself, to see yourself. 


I want you to shine your light, because what other point would it be to be alive? We all need you, and most important: YOU NEED YOURSELF!

Because we are all in this together, the purpose of Nourish My Nature is deeper than only helping you or me. It is about supporting everyone out there who needs a helping hand. And if you can give that, you are privileged. 

Nourish My Nature will donate every 10% of a sell the Jane Goodall Institute. To know more about this subject, please go to the 'pay it forward' page.


I wish you all the best and I can’t wait to see your light!