It wasn't that easy. Looking for stones in the first place might seem as not that hard, but to find a place where you feel good and have the time to handpick every stone by myself took some time. Also, packaging, I wanted to be a sustainable brand. Everything gets more complicated when you are looking for something whats better for our Mother Nature. But in the end, everything turned out the way I wanted and this is a real project from my heart.


Thats why I want to call this my soul project, instead of my business. Those 7 months window just gave me the time to create and feel, and from this point I am able to grow deeper into this path of spiritual awakening. 


So whats next in my journey? I try to let go of any expectation. My main goal in life is to be able to create and help at the same time. With this, I feel like I am on the good path, but for sure I am still soul searching. 


There is no plan, no expectation, and no set way to go. I let myself guide by my gut and do what works for me. 


If I am able to touch someone with this project, I totally won.


Actually I already won, I let myself thrive by my creativity and interest.


I choose for myself.


To a wonderful journey.

With love,



From a desire to open my heart, I started a journey which was all about finding myself.

Through workshops, coaching sessions, reading and experience I found out that to open my heart  I had to do something creative in combination with giving a helping hand.

Also, my desire was to really explore myself in every way possible so I had to start something from scratch.


7 months ago, during a workshop about ‘mapping your road’, I received a stone in my meditation. My older self (for so far I guess it was), gave me a stone on a cord and asked me to put it on. She walked away and stared at me, smiling with a warm, loving and calm expression.

I felt intimidated, in a good way, and from a curiosity and respect I putted the necklace on. And this was a moment which I like to put in the ‘one of the moments that changed my life’ box. I felt so powerful, strong, loving and calm, and everything I worried about didn’t felt like an obstacle anymore.


So after this experience, I bought a stone which was pretty similar from my meditation.  But after one week, I recognized my stone was just laying in my home and I didn't felt that powerful as before. I got stuck in my everyday life and it was hard for me to gain the benefits I thought this stone was supposed to give me.


After about a month from this point, I remembered myself saying in this workshop that I knew what I wanted to do. Not only did I want to buy this gemstone for myself, I wanted to create the same feeling for people in the world. This might be the reason I believe I waited so long to took action upon this, I had to experience that only buying a stone wasn’t enough. You had to work with it. And that was when Nourish My Nature came up in my mind.


So it took me roughly 7 months to start from this thought to make it to a real project. I haven’t worked 7 months straight at this project, I worked the daily job, had to work on myself and after that, Nourish My Nature was my first priority. 


So in these 7 months, I have been learning about gemstones, learning about affirmations, mindset and more about the effect of meditation. So you can say, I still have no clue what I am talking about! This might sound different than what you expect, but it is what it is. 7 months diving into a subject with only a little knowledge about, is not enough to tell I know how everything works. But these 7 months were enough to create Nourish My Nature, to create an experience about a stone. To explain about the benefist, to create an affirmation which fees good, and to create an appearance around a stone which looks good and be all eco friendly.