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This green calcite is packed with a description of the gemstone and affirmations. I write the affirmations based on the energy I feel related ofcourse to the gemstone as well.




Approximately 6 cm.

The ones I have are maybe a bit too big to carry in your pocket, but if you lay it on your desk you might be reminded more often. I use this sizes gemstone as my 'stress ball' lately, whenever I feel a bit off. I start feeling calm when I touch it.




Green Calcite - M

  • The green calcite is known as a gemstone which helps you stepping up in your power, connect your body and mind and stimulates your self confidence. The green color of this calcite is connected to your 4th chakra, your heart chakra. This gemstone also absorbs negative energy, so cleansing your gemstone on the regular is a good thing to do.