Pay It Forward

I deeply believe that if we help each other, we move forward. In my own life I came to realize how important it is to have support. Both mental and financial support. Without the mental support, things would be different for me. And that’s the same with financial support (even if you would end up with a debt). Just think about paying for your mental support. We need money. However, I also realized how there is an aura about the financial part, but it is important. When you have had some help in whatever area of your life, you are able to give back. That's why I want to work with the pay it forward system. We need each other!

In my spiritual journey, I was so focussed on my mental goals that I found it really hard to ground and be aware of the financial aspects in life. For that reason I did everything in my power to prove that only the mental aspects of life mattered. I wanted to do something for the world, but not just with sending money (which was also no option). I ended up as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Lesbos with Because We Carry. It was one week full of physical help. The good thing about this story is that I realized my help was needed. The sad part of it was that I felt so small and that in my opinion my help was not enough. My presence did a lot, even though it may helped only a few people of all the people in need. But my realization was that we need people to be there, and that we also need money to improve the situation and take care of our people.


When I started House of Jackie Jane, I wanted to be sure of one thing. Even though I could never live a rich life with my ‘House’, which is a paradox because living in a house and having something to eat means having a rich life, my life would be fulfilled if I am able to help. Before I hear everyone think 'yeah right', sure, I do want to provide myself my first life needs. But I am more concerned about providing the same for more people, than providing myself more with stuff I don't necessarily need. And I am not saying that’s the way. It’s my way. 


So, with Nourish My Nature, every 10% of a sell, will go to a charity of choice. And to start with, because I went to Lesbos with Because We Carry, and saw how the money was needed and has been used, this will be the organization I want to support for now. 


I do hope that I will be able to go around the world and see other places where I can provide a helping hand. I know there is enough to do, so I know for sure that what is meant to be, will cross my path. 


I hope that with all the small steps we take, we come closer to a world where we don’t even need money raising like this. It is maybe too idealistic or maybe impossible, but with doing nothing, I feel like we already lost. 


With my product I am able to help you, you are able to help yourself and also someone else.


When everyone is doing their part, we move forward. 

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